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Drop Shipping

What Is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a supply chain technique where the shipping process is outsourced to another company allowing you, the retailer, to focus on sales. The inventory is held at the drop shipping location and is shipped to the customer at the retailer's request.

If you sell in your own web store, we can help you increase your income by offering you access to our extended catalog of more than 700 games.


How Drop Shipping Works

You Sell It

Every time you make a sale you will send us the shipping address and product SKU via email.

We Ship It

We will drop ship your product within 1 business day of the order placement. You will receive a tracking number via e-mail as soon as possible.

You Profit

Drop shipping is a Win-Win scenario. Your customer will be satisfied and you will save money and time on shipping.

Drop Shipping and Fulfillment Services

Drop shipping is a rare market where the interests of the producer and consumer are aligned. We wants your business to grow because it will bring more business back to us. This is why we focus our drop shipping and fulfillment services on increasing productivity, lowering shipping costs and maintaining customer satisfaction. Our primary services include:

  • International drop shipping
  • Domestic drop shipping
  • Returns processing
  • Wholesale drop shipping
  • Warehousing and storage

Benefits of Drop Shipping

It is a common misconception that drop shipping is just some extra service that will cost your business money. The reality is, drop shipping is an essential part of business growth and it actually saves more time and money than it costs.

Drop shipping has many benefits including:

  • Lower overhead costs
  • Increasing your shipping volume
  • Expanding your network and your reach
    • Faster shipping times
    • Cheaper shipping rates
  • Access to a larger market
    • Even eCommerce has its boundaries, many customers prefer local shippers
    • No more headaches at the border, we can clear customs for you
    • We can help you get your foot in the door for wholesale retail
    • Become established in more places by getting your name out
  • Receive additional help during busy times (holidays, product releases, successful ad campaigns)
  • Eliminate repetitive shipping tasks to make time for marketing and expanding your brand
  • Drop shipping is a strong marketing point, you can ship faster and cheaper than your competitors

Why drop ship from us?

  • We ship fast.
    Most orders received before 12:00 noon PST usually ship the same day (except during the holiday season - November/December.)
  • We are flexible in our shipping methods and ship international.
    We can ship via UPS or FedEx for domestic orders and USPS for HI, AK, PR and International orders.
    We can charge your own account or use our UPS account and give you the benefit of our great discount. (Thanks to the volume of merchandise we ship via UPS, we get negotiated rates and we pass them along to you.)
  • We guarantee our products until they reach your customer.
    Don't worry about shipping damage or manufacturing defects. If there is any problem with one of our items, we will ship a replacement to your customer at once and will take care of the claim. It can't be more safe and hassle free for you.
  • The drop ship fee is included in the product cost and there is no sign-up fee.
  • We offer a unique selection of products.
    Most of the lines we carry are exclusive to us or very difficult to find in the USA.
  • We are experts.
    We keep our product mix very compact and will provide you the best advice as we specialize in those products only.
  • From our customers:

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you. I got the chess set today, all intact and absolutely gorgeous. I was a little worried about breakage on such a fragile item, but your packaging is stellar. The best part? Received it well within time for the birthday boy.. You're awesome! Thank you again.

    "[...] and thank you for the time you take. It may seem like extra work many days. But when I decided to sell board games again, I took the time to setup products from your company, and not Xxxx. Your quality and service has always been top notch.."
    - John R. -

    "Thanks, Cheryl, for always keeping us apprised of changes. You could surely teach most dropshippers and wholesalers how to do business the right way."
    - Nan C. -

    "I received the order at 2:29pm ET.
    I sent the order to you at 2:51pm ET.
    You sent me the shipping confirmation at 3:19pm ET!
    There's lots of reason I enjoy working with you. Your efficiency in getting stuff shipped is definitely one of them.
    I appreciate what you do!

    - Jerry K. -

Our drop ship terms are:

  • All orders prepaid on credit card (VISA or Master Card)
  • Freight FOB Las Vegas, NV

To request access to our drop ship catalog please fill

out our inquiry form!